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We plan to have
• Technology based conferences first,
• Followed by conferences to influence policy.

Each IIT alumni organization should participate in a conference.

Create a committee to outline  5 major task areas on Tactical & Long term research projects for the next generation public/private transportation
   • Alternative Fuel for IC Engines -
        Hydrogen fuel cell cars
        Electric Battery operated Cars
        Bio Diesel
   • Renewal Energy : Solar, Wind, Geo-thermal
   • Nuclear Technology expansion - plan to achieve 40% electricity from Nuclear Plants by 2012
   • Clean Coal for electricity
   • Fuel distribution logistics for the new energy initiative

The conference may be held at 5 different cities in USA to cover most of the topics. We plan to issue a summary of “Next Steps” after each event

The above conferences will be attended by
• Professionals from all fields related to Energy
• Makers and buyers of energy-related technologies,
• Local government officials, academics/researchers.

Each conference will be 1.5 to 2 days long, with 250-450 expected attendees.
• An ‘agenda’ must emerge from each of the conference.
• Outreach goal is that the conference can be thrown open to graduates of all universities, and to officials of all governments.

Following these technology oriented conferences, there ought to be a conference in Washington, DC and one in Delhi
• To solidify the ‘agendas’ emerging from each of the conferences.
• Legislators should be invited from both governments.
• These conferences are aimed at influencing policy,
• Sharing knowledge across boundaries.
• Perhaps an outcome can be the birth of an iit alumni-energy non-profit organization to follow up on the agenda developed in the conference.

IIT organizations ought to partner with TiE, CII, USIBC (and perhaps other organizations) to bring organize this series of conferences.