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Newsletter - June 2010

posted Jun 20, 2010, 1:50 AM by Ashutosh Gupta   [ updated Jul 10, 2010, 8:00 AM by Gaurav Agarwal ]
Capital IIT Alumni Association Newsletter June 2010
Please note that the deadline for IIT Golden Jubilee Registration is very close. Year 2010
In This Issue
Executive Committee
Board of Directors
Meeting with Honorable Kapil Sibal
Thought Leadership WHEELS Program
IIT Kanpur Golden Jubilee
PanIIT Conclave 2010 in Delhi, India: 29 to 31 October 2010
Subra Suresh nominated for the position of Director, National Science Foundation
Distinguished Alumnus Narayana Murthy
IIT Alumnus is named Dean of the prestigious Harvard Business School
Director, IIT, Gandhinagar meets with Capital IIT Leadership
Interesting JEE News
The Dragon and the Elephant
Focus Groups
Invitation to you
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Exxecutive Committee
President: San Sengupta
Secretary: Ramit Ghosh
Treasurer: Arvind Rajagopalan

Board of Directors 2010

Arvind Rajagopalan
Ashok Siddhanti
Ashok Syal
Atul Mathur
Gaurav Agarwal
Gulab Bhavnani
Hiten Ghosh
Jasbir S. Sarao
Nitish Thakor
Puneet Hans
Raj Dave
Ramit Ghosh
Ranjit Advani
Robert Nathan
Rosemary Fernandes
Sachin Devand
San Sengupta
Sandeep Tucknat
Shenoy, Suresh
Sid Chowdhary
Som Karamchetty
Sri Ramachandran
Srinivas Balla
Meeting with Honorable Kapil Sibal
A team from Capital IIT Alumni Association met Mr. Kapil Sibal and Ambassador Meera Shankar on 31 May 2010. Suresh Shenoy presented a short briefing describing the WHEELS program, a proposal for Database of Indian Professionals, and PiTech Magazine. There was good discussion and the minister was supportive of the ideas and proposals and appreciative of the benefits of the programs. The Indian Embassy actually requested Capital IIT to look into the possibility of developing the database of Indian Professionals so that collaborative efforts can be launched quickly by calling on interested professionals with appropriate expertise and interest. Kumar Chandran of Fracsys and an ad hoc team of IITians are leading the effort. Professor Nitish Thakur has led the effort of publishing the renowned PiTech Magazine. As the readers of this newsletter are aware, Gulab Bhavnani is the Program Director for the WHEELS Program.
Hon. Kapil Sibal with Capital IIT Members


Mr. Shenoy pointed out that significant voluntary effort went into these projects and they are moving on a strong pace. But the time has arrived, he informed the minister, that the Government of India should show support and sponsorship to accelerate the pace of progress of these initiatives and gain their benefits. The minister asked for a business plan and a budget so that he can place it before the Indian cabinet for financial support. The Board is working on the plan.
Interested readers are urged to call Mr. Sengupta, President Capital IIT for more information and with offers of participation in these programs.
Contact: San Sengupta: san.sengupta
Thought Leadership WHEELS Program (TLP)

At the request of Minister Hon. Kapil Sibal, Gulab is heading the group that is drafting a business plan for the WHEELS program. We are actively looking for program directors, project managers, professionals with expertise in the various tracks of the program. We are looking for young and old entrepreneurs and people willing to fund the projects. We will explain how we plan to create teams to develop products, services, and systems to solve problems in India and the US.
As regular readers are awrae, WHEELS stands for
The WHEELS Program is receiving significant attention and traction from various sources. It now requires equally significant and highly active participation from IIT alumni and other leaders. We need Program Directors, Program Managers, Project Managers, Leaders for Tracks, Sponsors, Idea Generators, Developers, Inventors, Innovators, Professors, and Writers.
Program Leader/Director: Gulab Bhavnani: gbhavnani 
IIT Kanpur Golden Jubilee

Registrations for the IIT Kanpur Golden Jubilee Convention, in Washington DC, July 9-11, 2010 are now open
Atul Mathur says, "We have special early bird pricing for the first 100 early registrants so hurry and Register here." After the first 100 registrants, the price goes up to $159 for the full conference.
Atul solicits your help in spreading the word. So please forward this message with your personal note to your batch and friends mailing lists, broadcast the link on Twitter (#IITKGJW), tell your friends on Facebook, promote it on LinkedIn. This is the event where all of us can show our 'IIT ka Tempo' and bring on the 'mazzaa'. We have special events planned for your spouses and guests on Friday night (alumni nostalgia - don't let your spouse miss this) and Saturday night (relax and hang loose), so sign them up also and take advantage of the special pricing. Let's go folks!
IITK Golden Jubilee Conference in Washington DC is fast approaching and early bird rates are going away soon - it is being extended for the final time to this weekend (June 20th midnight).
See who is attending from your batch and please register if you have not already done so.
PanIIT Conclave 2010 in Delhi, India: 29 to 31 October 2010

PanIIT 2010 Conclave addresses the imperatives of emerging 'New India', where the speakers and delegates will deliberate on the various facets of growth and transformation and identify ways and means to ensure sustainable and equitable use of available human and natural resources in India.
Plenary Sessions
· Sustainable Transformation: Our New India
· IIT System: The Emerging Challenges
· Creation of an Entrepreneurial Society: Young India
· Knowledge Creation: An Imperative to Growth
· Innovators: The Force Multipliers
· Good Governance: Key to Empowerment
· Innovative Financing: Inclusive Approach
· Building the Sustainable Future: The Green Society
Subra Suresh nominated for the position of Director, National Science Foundation.
President Obama announces the nomination of Subra Suresh as Director, National Science Foundation.

Subra Suresh is currently Dean of the School of Engineering and the Vannevar Bush Professor of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He graduated in 1977 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering.
For the announcement by the President, please go to the link and
If you like to congratulate Professor Suresh, you may do so by sending mail to  He is a classmate of a couple of Capital IIT Board members.  Capital IIT will try to host an event to honor him.  Please stay tuned.

Point of Contact: Bob Nathan, nathan
Distinguished Alumnus of IIT, Narayana Murthy, reveals his 'Life after Infosys'
"At Catarman, he will be more concerned about resurfacing the bottom of the pyramid of India. And so the venture fund is more likely to focus on the areas of consumer goods, distribution and micro finance," according to a report in SiliconIndia
IIT Alumnus is named Dean of the prestigious Harvard Business School
Nitin Nohria, who is currently the Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS), will become the School's 10th dean, Harvard President Drew Faust announced on Tuesday. An IIT alumnus who has long championed a pledge for organizational leaders and managers on the lines of the Hippocratic Oath for doctors to enhance accountability in the corporate world has been named Dean of the prestigious Harvard Business School.
Director, IIT, Gandhinagar meets with Capital IIT Leadership
Dr. Sudhir K. Jain, Director of the new IIT in Ahmedabad visited Washington, D.C. and met with a leadership group of the Capital IIT. Dr. Jain explained his vision for the new IIT and asked for help from IITians. He is actively looking for experienced people to take up faculty positions at his institute. He has also started a very innovative program under which visiting professionals can spend a weekend teaching and intensive elective short courses in special subjects.
Interested readers may request for Dr. Jain's contact information.
Point of Contact: Som Karamchetty: somk
 Interesting JEE News
Narayana group of educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh has offered to provide every year Intermediate education along with coaching for IIT-JEE to 200 students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes free of cost. A student from the group, A. Jithender Reddy, bagged the first rank in the IIT-JEE 2010. More details at
All 30 students of Super 30, Bihar's free coaching centre for poor students in Patna, cracked the IIT-JEE this year.
Report of a conference of the National Academy of Sciences, "The Dragon and the Elephant" 
Here is a very illuminating report on the once-dormant economies of China and India and their return to dynamism and growth is one of the most remarkable stories in recent history. The two countries are home to nearly 40 percent of the world's population. You may access the site and get a free download of the summary. You may also be able to read the full report on line for free.
If someone likes to write a short synopsis on this topic, we would like to publish it in the next Newsletter under their name.
Please Contact: Som Karamchetty, somk
Focus Groups:
In order to increase focus on specific activities, several groups have been formed with volunteer leaders as follows:
Program Leader/Director: Nitish Thakor
Project Manager: Hiten Ghosh
Team Members: Volunteers needed
Legal and Treasury:
Program Leader/Director: Arvind Rajagopalan
Project Manager: Ramit Ghosh
Team Members: Raj Dave, Kannan Srinivasan

Web Portal & Knowledge Center:
Program Leader/Director: Gaurav Agarwal
Project Manager: Atul Mathur
Team Members: Som Karamchetty, Vishal Dixit, Abhishek Cauligi, Prachi Vakharia
Alumni Database:
Program Leader/Director: Som Karamchetty
Project Manager: Vishal Dixit
Team Members: Ranjit Advani, Abhishek Cauligi, Prachi Vakharia
Newsletter Content:
Program Leader/Director: Som Karamchetty
Project Manager: Ashutosh Gupta
Team Members: Kannan Srinivasan, Abhishek Cauligi
Program Development and Guest Lecture Series:
Program Leader/Director: Atul Mathur
Project Manager: Shabin Raj
Team Members: Satyam Priyadarshi, Ram Reddy, Kannan Srinivasan, Ramit Ghosh, Raj Dave, Sid Chowdhary, Geetanjali Choori
Family Programs:
Program Leader/Director: Atul Mathur
Project Manager: Kannan Srinivasan
Team Members: Geetanjali Choori
Outreach LinkedIn:
Program Leader/Director: Ashutosh Gupta
Project Manager: Shabin Raj
Team Members: Jayashree Srinivasan, Prachi Vakharia, Srinivas Balla, Rosemary Fernandes, Sid Chowdhary
Strategy, Marketing, and Sponsorship:
Program Leader/Director: Suresh Shenoy
Project Manager: Sid Chowdhary
Team Members: Raj Dave, Hiten Ghosh, Arvind Rajagopalan, Shabin Raj, Jayashree Srinivasan, Ashok Syal
PanIIT Collaboration:
Program Leader/Director: Sid Chowdhary
Project Manager: Suresh Shenoy
Team Members: Volunteers needed
PanIIT 2011 will be hosted by New York City. New York Chapter has requested help and guidance from Capital IIT Alumni Association. We have agreed to help them and take an active part in the conference.
Program Leader/Director: Sid Chowdhary
Project Manager: San Sengupta
Team Members: Suresh Shenoy
Happy Hour:

Program Leader/Director: Ashutosh Gupta
Project Manager: Vishal Dixit
Team Members: Ramit Ghosh, Arvind Rajagopalan
Event Execution, Logistics, Venue, Menu:
Program Leader/Director: Ramit Ghosh
Project Manager: Ashutosh Gupta
Team Members: Prachi Vakharia, Shabin Raj, Jayashree Srinivasan, Amar Sisodia, Arvind Rajagopalan
India Connection:
Program Leader/Director: Hiten Ghosh
Project Manager: Suresh Shenoy
Team Members: Satyam, Priyadarshy
Program Leader/Director: Vacant
Project Manager: Bob Nathan
Team Members: Hiten Ghosh
Program Leader/Director: Suresh Shenoy
Project Manager: Bob Nathan
Team Members: Satyam, Priyadarshy, Ram Reddy
Invitation to members and readers
This is your newsletter.
You are most welcome to write articles and news items of interest to other readers.
We would like to publish a short synopsis in the newsletter and place the full article on the Capital IIT Website.                                 
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