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Newsletter - July 2010

posted Aug 5, 2010, 7:31 AM by Ashutosh Gupta
Capital IIT Alumni Association NewsletterJuly 2010
We are eagerly looking for inputs and feedback from readers.
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PanIIT Conclave 2010 in Delhi, India: 29 to 31 October 2010
Conference: Eradicate Poverty ...
TLP Lifestyles & Sustenance
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Exxecutive Committee
President: San Sengupta
Secretary: Ramit Ghosh
Treasurer: Arvind Rajagopalan

Board of Directors 2010

Arvind Rajagopalan
Ashok Siddhanti
Ashok Syal
Atul Mathur
Gaurav Agarwal
Gulab Bhavnani
Hiten Ghosh
Jasbir S. Sarao
Nitish Thakor
Puneet Hans
Raj Dave
Ramit Ghosh
Ranjit Advani
Robert Nathan
Rosemary Fernandes
Sachin Devand
San Sengupta
Sandeep Tucknat
Shenoy, Suresh
Sid Chowdhary
Som Karamchetty
Sri Ramachandran
Srinivas Balla
PanIIT Conclave 2010 in Delhi, India: 29 to 31 October 2010

PanIIT 2010 Conclave addresses the imperatives of emerging 'New India', where the speakers and delegates will deliberate on the various facets of growth and transformation and identify ways and means to ensure sustainable and equitable use of available human and natural resources in India.
Plenary Sessions
· Sustainable Transformation: Our New India
· IIT System: The Emerging Challenges
· Creation of an Entrepreneurial Society: Young India
· Knowledge Creation: An Imperative to Growth
· Innovators: The Force Multipliers
· Good Governance: Key to Empowerment
· Innovative Financing: Inclusive Approach
· Building the Sustainable Future: The Green Society
Conference: Working Together to Eradicate Poverty and Mitigate Climate Change in India 
 This announcement of a conference is published as it might interest our members as part of our Sustainability Track of WHEELS program
India Development Coalition of America,     
Cordially Invites You To: 
Second East Regional Conference to be held in the DC area.
Date: August 14, 2010
Conference Theme:Working Together to Eradicate Poverty and Mitigate Climate Change in India   
Venue: The Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County Campus, Rockville, MD
Time: 9 AM to 6 PM
I am giving below links for invitation, registration and direction, which you may like to share.
You should be able to download all the document at:

You can also  register for the event and see the program details at :
Parking and direction information to the venue is available at:

 Please note: Capital IIT is publishing this information as we are interested in this topic but the Association is not a sponsor or collaborator with IDCA.
Thought Leadership Program: Lifestyles and Sustenance
     As we browse through news about India, our hearts race with a range of emotions. On one page, we find the start or progress of an excellent development project. Then we find the misery of scarcity of fresh water. Our emotions sink when we come up to the story about police action to prevent demonstrators from destroying public property for some cause. There is opposition to dams, roads, steel plants, mining, and port development just to name a few instances. Why are people opposed to dams, which provide the much needed electric power and water? How can people oppose development projects when young people need jobs and the nation needs? At the same time, as responsible citizens, we should ask if a project harms the environment.
     As India embarks on grand GDP growth IITians can contribute their knowledge on these issues. Here is your chance to examine the general trend of development and express your considered thoughts on the subjects of Lifestyles and Sustenance. While we are not heaping praise or criticism of specific individuals and projects, here are a couple of cases to get you to don your thinking caps. It will be great if someone volunteers to write about Indian attitudes towards investment, sacrifice, risk, and "Not in my Backyard."
Greenko Group to invest Rs 15,000 crore on 'Energy and Oil City'
This group plans to set up an energy and oil city. It provides jobs and living space for the people working on the projects. Where homes and work places are in close proximity, transportation should be a non-issue. This project also aims at desalination for potable water. It will be interesting to review the green aspects of this venture.
Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia
Stanford Social Innovation Review Newsletter presents a series called New Social Innovation Conversations. Here is an interesting audiocast. "Patagonia takes corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability seriously. In this audio lecture, founder Yvon Chouinard details how the company controls its growth and reduces waste. He also offers a slew of counterintuitive business tips for how to do good while increasing the bottom line."  I am sure you will enjoy listening to it. You may be interested in writing about it for our next Newsletter.
Here is the link: to access and play the audio 
Activists in India cry foul over new rules regarding public interest litigation
Washington Post carried a story by Rama Lakshmi on the topic. "Fearing that the plant's fumes would reduce crop yields, Bhide wrote countless letters to officials, met with politicians and organized protests calling for the project to be scrapped." While India needs energy for its industrial development and to make people comfortable in the oppressive summers, what are the environmental consequences (especially on crops) of thermal power plants?
Your turn to write your considered thoughts.
POC: Som Karamchetty, somk
News of Interest
IITian Desh Deshpande will serve as Co-Chair of the U.S. National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship  
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced the members of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Steve Case, Mary Sue Coleman, and Desh Deshpande will serve as Co-Chairs.
The full announcement is here
Desh's bio is here
 India Proposes Common test to wean students away from coaching centers
Hon. Kapil Sibal Minister for HRD said that the ministry is considering a common entrance test to stop the rush by high school students to join the coaching centers, which prepare students for joint entrance examinations. The hope is that the students will focus on Class XII examinations and devote time to their subjects. More details at 
Indians fueling tech innovation in US
A Times of India report says that Indians immigrants are boosting technological innovation in the United States. This is according to a study published by William Kerr of the Harvard Business School and William Lincoln of the University of Michigan. More details at
Online survey -feedback on IIT system
Here is your opportunity to impact the future of IITs by giving feedback to Dr. Anil Kakodkar Committee Appointed by the MHRD to Suggest a Roadmap for Autonomy and Future of the IITs as World Class Institutions for Research and Higher Learning.
India's smallest satellite designed by students 
Studsat, a 'pico-satellite' weighing under 1 kg, developed by students from seven colleges led by NMIT, was successfully launched from Sriharikota. The satellite measures just 10 cm by 10 cm by 11 cm and developed at a cost of Rs 55 lakh pooled by a consortium of colleges.
The Rupee symbol designer is an IITian
IIT Postgraduate D Uday Kumar designed the Rupee symbol. He is joining IIT Guwahati as a faculty member in the Department of Design.
More details at
India needs more quality research in science: PM 
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called for greater collaboration between institutions like IITs and the corporate sector as the country urgently needs to increase quality research in science and technology to meet newer challenges like climate change.

Read more at:
Focus Groups:
In order to increase focus on specific activities, several groups have been formed with volunteer leaders as follows:
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PanIIT 2011 will be hosted by New York City. New York Chapter has requested help and guidance from Capital IIT Alumni Association. We have agreed to help them and take an active part in the conference.
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Program Leader/Director: Suresh Shenoy
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Team Members: Satyam, Priyadarshy, Ram Reddy
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