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Why Volunteer
At IIT campus, all of us were involved with some activities at Student Gymkhana, TV Club, Photo Club, Gliding Club, Cultural Festival, Sports Festival etc and have been longing to be involved in similar activities with like-minded people and do something meaningful. Well, here is the opportunity.

Your Role
There are number of opportunities to volunteer and make new friends in metro Washington DC region and beyond. Some areas are:
* Operations - before, during and after events
* PI Tech - Editing, Content collection
* Mentoring
* Speaking

You can choose how much time you want to commit. Even 1 hour per week is good enough.


Alumni services

1. Capital IIT Group is planning professional events along following lines.

* Retirement planning
* Wealth management
* Choosing a college for your high school graduate
* Entrepreneurship
* Second Career - Economic self-sufficiency
* How to Build your professional network
* How to start your own business
* WEALTH initiative

2. Social events

* Happy Hours
* Potomac Boat Cruise
* Virginia Wine tours
* Golf outings
* Picnics

3. Keeping in Touch with IITs

* Lecture series with visiting Professors
* Video conference with students at IITs

4. Other Services

* Set aside funds to help alumni in distress
* Help with finding Job